Saturday, March 26, 2011

International Curlers Gathering

Christine Stewart sends this report from Murrayfield:

"So you thought is was all happening in Denmark, twelve women’s teams from all over the world playing in an International Event?

Meanwhile the big one was happening at Murrayfield Curling Rink this weekend. This international event attracted twenty-eight teams, some from Scotland, eleven from all over Europe and one from Canada. Yes it was the Seventh International Curlers Gathering.

The teams were interesting, you wouldn’t recognise many country or club names, for example where on earth did Team Yoda come from? Cocktail International had probably arrived straight from the bar, the Corriefisters was a bit of a giveaway, The Queens looked as good as the name sounds, a bit worried though about the Barbarians.

Anyway everyone was having lots of fun, the twenty-eight teams divided into seven sections of four, play three games in the section, then place each team on results, next all the first placed teams set out to play each other, same for the second, third and fourth placed teams, another three games in each group, so everyone is still there at the end for the prize giving.

And all those games over three days could explain why some teams featured more than four players, one listed 15! One team even boasted the President of the European Curling Federation, Andrew Ferguson-Smith!

You can find all the information, scores etc at the event website, here."

Top photo is all those who ended up in the fourth division in the second half of the competition. Above: Andrew Ferguson-Smith. Photos courtesy of Hugh Stewart.