Saturday, March 05, 2011

WJCC Saturday: Scotland M v Switzerland

Scotland were involved in a tight battle tonight against Peter de Cruz's Swiss side. The scores were tied 5-5 after seven ends. Then suddenly Scottish third Colin Dick had to leave the ice feeling unwell, and alternate Jay McWilliam (above) was called in for the next three ends, taking over Colin's role as third and vice skip.

John Penny drew against two in the eighth, and in the ninth Swiss fourth player Benoit Schwarz had a hit for two, rolled out, and the Scots were coming down the ninth, scores tied, hammer in hand.

With the tension high, the excitement was not over. The Scots could not keep the front clear. Schwarz played his last draw though a port to lie in the back eight. John chose to follow, needing full eight foot to win. He was a little heavy, navigated the port OK and nudged the Swiss stone back rolling to the side. It looked good enough though, the Swiss made to concede, then a measure was called for. That was in Scotland's favour, and the Penny team, having used all five of their players, had a second win in the bag.

All the linescores are here.

Billy Morton, Colin Dick, Colin Howden

John and Colin

Colin Dick is action just before he had to leave the ice. Get well soon, Colin.

Here is the Swiss team:

Fourth, Benoit Schwarz

Skip, Peter de Cruz

Second, Roger Gulka

Lead, Valentin Tanner

Photos © Skip Cottage