Saturday, March 26, 2011

WWCC: Semifinal

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Denmark:

"Sadly this was not the exciting match as the Page 3 v 4 game this morning and only really came to life in the tenth end.

With the hammer China opened the brighter and better team and Bingyu Wang collected two shots with Canada then blanking the second. Canada's Amber Holland hit for a single in the third and with Canada lying behind a guard Wang tried the raise take-out but left Canada in the house to steal the shot and it's 2-2 after four.

In the fifth end misses by China leaves Wang facing a pair with her last stone draw which slides too long and it is 4-2 to Canada at the break.

Sixth end and Wang draws for her one shot and in the seventh Canada again takes control with a further two shots with Holland dropping her last stone draw on the tee. Eighth is blanked.

China is buried in the house in the ninth. Holland cannot see the shot nor can she see a line to draw into the four foot. Option, like this morning, was to use an outside stone but she throws it wide, gets totally the wrong contact and Wang draws for two. The game is alive at last.

Tenth and with stones out front Canada makes a full-time job of keeping it clear. Wang, with her final stone, draws round the Canadian stone in the house to lie shot. But Holland was up to it and threw a controlled weight raise to win 8-5, and advances to the final to play Sweden tomorrow afternoon whilst China will now play Denmark for the bronze medal in the morning."

The official website is here, and all Mike Haggerty's reports can be found on the Royal Club website here.