Friday, March 25, 2011

WWCC: Page 1-2

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Denmark:

"It all came down to the last stone of the tenth end here at the Granly Ice Hockey Stadium to find out who would qualify for the final of the WCF Capital One World Women's Championship - China or Sweden.

First end and Sweden's Anette Norberg with the hammer hit and sticks for a single going for the blank. China blanks the second before skip Bingyu Wang nails a single which the teams exchange over ends three, four and five with last stone hits. End six and red lights for Norberg with her last stone draw as she breaks the hog line with her delivery and drops a two stone steal for China.

Seventh end and Sweden attack. With poor stones from China's second and third players Yue and Liu, Norberg lies four. Wang takes two away with her last stone and Norberg makes no mistake with her draw for three and Sweden lead 5-4.

Eighth and Wang faces two shots. Opting for the double take-out she gets only one and Sweden steals a single and are now two shots to the good 6-4. China squares the game in the ninth with a solid hit with last stone.

Now we are in the last end and it all comes down to the skips last stones.

Sweden have a long guard on and Wang draws round but slides over the tee and sits in the back four. No hesitation by Norberg as she nominates the draw, a shot she has brought out 'from the back pocket' so often to win games. And yes, she popped the stone right on the centre and Sweden now go direct to Sunday afternoon's final.

China will contest the semifinal to-morrow afternoon between the winner of the Denmark and Canada Page 3-4 game in the morning.

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