Friday, March 11, 2011

WJCC Friday: Men's Page Games

Sweden met Switzerland in the Page 1-2 game at the World Junior Curling Championships at the Dewar's Centre in Perth this evening. That's Sweden's Oskar Eriksson in front, Peter de Cruz behind. Both skips play third stones for their teams.

The Swedish supporters were in fine voice.

Here's Kristian Lindstrom who throws the Swedish fourth stones. The Swedes were always in command. They led 4-1 at the break. After eight, they were 6-3 in front. They played it safe, and were in the final. Sweden will meet the winner of the Swiss-Canada semi on Sunday morning. By saying that, I've given away the result of the Page 3-4 game, see below!

The linescores are here.

Benoit Schwarz plays fourth stones for the Swiss team.

In the Page 3-4 game, Canada and Norway faced each other. Braeden Moskowy and Steffen Mellemsetter are in the photo above. The Canadians were behind at the break, then came back with a four to go 5-3 ahead. Great shotmaking from the Canadians saw them pick up three more in the eighth and the result was not in doubt.

Sander was wearing his war paint tonight, to no avail.

There was one further game on the ice tonight, the Czech Republic v Denmark. That's Mads Norgaard of Denmark (in front) and Lukas Klima in the photo above. Both these countries had finished the round robin with just one win to their credit. Whoever won tonight's game would stay in the top ten for next year’s World Junior Curling Championships in Ă–stersund, Sweden. The loser would have to requalify.

Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Scotland and Finland are guaranteed spots at the 2012 World Junior Championships men’s event. USA may have to face a regional challenge and it is the winner of the 2012 Pacific juniors that will get the World Curling Federation’s Pacific region place. The European Junior Challenge Competition will provide the last team in next year's event.

As it turned out the two teams were tied after eight. Denmark stole a single in the the ninth, but when Mads came to play his last there were four Czech stones against him. He attempted the freeze but slipped past. There was some question if he was still in second shot, or if the game was over. But Lukas made sure by drawing for a second counter.

The Czech Republic keep their place in the World Junior top ten. Denmark will have to qualify.

Photos © Skip Cottage