Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quarterfinals at Aberdeen

The quarterfinals of the Scottish Mixed Curling Championship at Curl Aberdeen this morning were as follows:

David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scott Macleod and Louise Wood were against Paul Stevenson, Louise Soutar, Fraser Watt and Rosemary Arkley who had come through a tiebreaker against Glen Muirhead last night, stealing in an extra end, the fifth. Edwards held a one shot lead coming home in the eighth with last stone advantage. He needed just a piece of a partially hidden Stevenson stone for a place in the semi and he was right on target.

Neil Joss, Judith McFarlane, Gary Rutherford and Margaret Richardson played Jay McWilliam, Lauren Gray, Struan Woods and Jennifer Dodds who had also won a tiebreaker against Jim Cullen. The quarters were a step too far for the McWilliam four. Joss always looked the stronger team and when they took a big six in the sixth it was all over early.

Colin Hamilton, Susan Kesley, Ian Keron and Catherine Dodds faced off against Alan Smith, Gillian Howard, David Mundell and Nancy Murdoch. Alan's team were in command this morning and it finished after seven, Team Smith 7-3 ahead.

Blair Fraser, Becca Kesley, Lindsay Gray and Abi Brown matched up against Ewan MacDonald, Kim Brewster, Euan Byers and Karen Strang. This was a close match for five ends. Then Ewan was just too long with his final draw in the sixth, gave up four against the head, and it was all over bar the shouting.

The quarterfinal linescores are here.