Thursday, March 10, 2011

WJCC Thursday: Scotland M v Sweden

The Scottish team line up for their presentation before the last round robin game. L-R: Greig Henderson, Jay McWilliam, Billy Morton, Colin Howden, Colin Dick and John Penny.

Scotland's future was in their own hands in their final round robin game against Sweden at the World Junior Curling Championships in Perth today.

In a low scoring affair, the teams were tied at 2-2 after eight ends. Skip John Penny had the slimmest of chances on a double takeout for a big end with his last of the ninth, but the Scots could only count one, and went down the tenth one up without.

They tried to play a clean end, but when it came to John's first he faced a near-frozen Swedish stone on top of the Scottish shot in the eight foot at the side of the house. A coach interaction was called and the decision made to split the house. This was duly accomplished, if a foot too far, only for Kristian Lindstrom to play the shot of the day, a raise takeout on the side stones, the shooter rolling right across the house to remove the other Scottish counter!

Facing two, John decided to play a hit with his last, but rolled out, and the Swedes duly drew for two and the win. That finished the Scottish campaign on five wins and four losses.

All the scores are here, and the standings here.

So, Sweden will play Switzerland in the Page 1-2 game, and Canada will play Norway in the Page 3-4.

The hard working front end, Billy Morton and Colin Howden.

Photos © Skip Cottage