Sunday, March 13, 2011

WJCC: The Ceilidh

This was the welcome that awaited teams and guests at the closing dinner and ceilidh at the World Junior Curling Championships.

Great food. My photo doesn't do the dessert justice. Inside the chocolate curling stone was ginger ice cream. Served beside rhubarb. It was extremely yummy!

And beautifully served. No, these are not really the new Ladies' Branch uniforms!

There was entertainment from the Julie Young dancers who were terrific!

Forgive the colour balance in this pic. I've not got it right at all, but perhaps it will give you some idea of how smart our Scottish girls looked!

Then it was on with the ceilidh, Royal Club President Robbie Scott to the fore!

World Champ Eve assures Chief Umpire that all the players are adhering to the no-alcohol rule!

Two of the Japanese team survived a Strip the Willow!

Meant to say that each table was designated, not with a number, but with a place that the World Juniors has been held in the past. I was at Aviemore. This fine group is in Oberstdorf.

The Scots were much to the fore in showing how a Strip the Willow should be done!

Well, that's about it from Perth. It's been a good ten days - a great competition. Well done to ALL involved on and off the ice. And congratulations again to Eve and her team for making us proud to be Scottish!

I may have one more post when I go through my photos after I get home, and see if there are any I've missed. (I have photos of the other medal winners, for a start.) But it's back to the auld clathes and purridge for the next wee while. Hope you've enjoyed my take on the World Juniors.

Photos © Skip Cottage