Saturday, March 12, 2011

WJCC Saturday: Women's Page Games

Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams and Rhiann Macleod set out against Russia this morning to gain a place in the final of the World Junior Curling Championship at Perth's Dewar's Centre. Half way through the game it wasn't looking good. Anna Sidorova's team had counted three in the third and stolen a single in the fifth to lead 4-2. There were in a great position for another steal.

Step up the Scottish skip. An angled raise on a Russian stone, driving it against the Russian shot stone, moving them both back and leaving Scotland lying two. A bit of magic, just when it was needed.

Anna Sidorova had good shots in her repertoire too, playing a perfect draw to the button to save the seventh end. The Russians led 5-4.

The game tied in the ninth, Anna Sidorova had the opportunity to put the game in her bag. She had a tap back around the guard, on swinging ice, to collect a four. But the sweeping was called off too late, she passed the guard with room, touched the Scottish counter back but did not remove it. Scottish fans breathed a huge sigh of relief.

It was down the tenth, the Scots one in front. This turned into a clear end and all Anna had to do with her last stone was hit and stay on a Scottish counter on the button. This she did and it was into extra time!

The Russians played a good end. Eve faced three with her first, and removed two. Anna Sidorova laid her last perfectly in the four foot. Facing the two Russian stones, Eve had a hit and stay for the win, and she made it confidently. Pressure, what pressure! Scotland is in the World Junior Championship Final!

Anna Sidorova calls line, with Eve and Anna behind.

Eve Muirhead

Anna Sidorova

Scottish front end Rhiann Macleod and Vicki Adams.

Anna Sloan. Well done to all the team today!

What about the Page 3-4 game? That saw Jonna McManus and her Swedish team up against Canada's Trish Paulsen.

Canadian skip Trish Paulsen in front, Jonna McManus behind. This was a tight game, with lots of interesting ends. The teams were tied after six, but the Canadians just seemed to have the advantage. Two up in the tenth, the Canadians lay three when Sara went to play the last stone of the end. The attempted triple just didn't come off, and Team Canada was in the semifinal to meet the Russians, who lost to Scotland in the Page 1-2.

Jonna McManus is in the hack, coaches bench behind.

Coach interaction for Sweden. Michael Hasselborg is second from right.

Trish Paulsen

Playing last stones for the Swedes, Sara McManus.

The linescores are here.

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