Tuesday, March 08, 2011

WJCC Tuesday: Scotland M v USA

Greig Henderson, the Scottish coach, is the latest to succumb to the gastrointestinal illness that has spread through the team at the World Junior Curling Championships at Perth. With the coach and the alternate both out of commission, Head Coach Rhona Martin presented a lonely figure on the bench this afternoon.

However, skip John Penny was back on the ice - he had been the first to fall ill. John - not looking 100% it must be said - skipped against the USA.

Neither Colin Dick nor Jay McWilliam was able to play. So Billy Morton and Colin Howden played three stones each. The team did well. A stolen two at the seventh gave them the advantage, and with the pressure on him in the eighth, the US skip Aaron Wald had a couple of bad stones and gave up another two. Scotland was ahead 8-3 going down the ninth and were not going to be caught!

Scotland, despite their difficulties, have four wins from six games. All the results are here and standings are here.

Spotlight on the USA team:

Skip, Aaron Wald

Third, Joshua Bahr

Second, Jared Zezel

Lead, John Muller

Photos © Skip Cottage