Wednesday, March 09, 2011

WJCC: Off the Ice Wednesday

Committee Member Katie Loudon is sad because there are no more seats available for Sunday afternoon's final!

Of course, if you know Katie you will know it would be hard for her to keep a serious face for long. Here she is very happy that we have a sell out for the final game of the competition! Will Scotland be there?

If you have bought your ticket, then no problems. There are still some available for the other playoff games.

I suspect I can work out who these fans are supporting!

Fashion Editor would like to give a warning to anyone purchasing a similar hat to support Scotland....

.... Don't go out in the rain! It's liable to shrink.

This red sausage escaped from one of the schoolkids who made quite an impression with their bangers.

Clever of these fans to produce their banner in support of the Scottish team on pink fabric!

Hat lovers have been looking at Olga's headgear with envy.

We were looking earlier for the 'championship mug'. A 'friend' came up to me and said, "I've found it. You! Can I claim my prize?" (You can purchase your own mug from the British Curling Supplies stand in the Extra End.

'Oh Canada!'

RCCC Development Manager Judith McFarlane leads fans in the chant "Scotland's fans in the stands... etc" And yes Judith, I do have the pic where you have to shake something... but this is a family blog!

Stuart McManus was born in Scotland. A professional footballer, he got the chance of a job for three months in Sweden when he was just 21. He met a Swedish girl, and the rest, as they say, is history.

And this was the result. Jonna and Sara McManus, their children, are the skip and third of the Swedish team. I do like a romantic curling story! And if you are wondering if the family is any relation to the famous wrestler Mick McManus, the answer is no. (If you are young and have no idea what I'm talking about, watch this clip of a McManus v Catweazle bout here. Kent Walton is the commentator!)

The Fashion Editor is at it again!

Jill MacKay gets everywhere. Talk about multitasking! "Programmes. Get your programmes here!"

We all thought the fashion police were about to arrest Copey, but he's only advertising British Curling Supplies! (Advert on the back of the programme)

I just wish I had hair!

I had to get this photo in somewhere. Big swinging ice, it can get friendly at times!

Photos © Skip Cottage