Sunday, March 27, 2011

Semis at Aberdeen

Apologies for the lack of images. An 'equipment malfunction' means that I have no photos from the Scottish Mixed today. So you will just have to imagine the scene. We're in the semifinals at Curl Aberdeen.

Neil Joss, Judith McFarlane, Gary Rutherford and Margaret Richardson were tied at halfway against the Blair Fraser team, and could have taken a two shot lead in the fifth. But Neil's raise for a second was just too long, and he had to settle for a single. Blair with Becca Kesley, Lindsay Gray and Abi Brown counted two in the sixth and put the pressure right on Joss in the seventh. He faced four stones when he went to play his last... and put it on the tee.

Tied game then into the eighth, Blair with last stone. He faced two, went for the chap and lie, it drew too much and Team Joss had stolen their way to the final.

Alan Smith, Gillian Howard, David Mundell and Nancy Murdoch fought out a close one against David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scott Macleod and Louise Wood. David stole a single in the seventh to take a one shot lead coming home, without the hammer.

This game also came down to the last stone. With David lying two in the four foot behind a front stone, Alan needed to cut the button to force the extra. His attempt was just too long and Team Edwards were in the final too.

The linescores are here.