Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Schools

Quarterfinals of the Scottish Schools' Championship at Forfar Indoor Sports this morning. After the round robins in the four sections:

Duncan Menzies' Arbroath High School team came through their section without losing a game and faced the Inverness Royal Academy side, skipped by Ross Fraser, who were runners-up in Section B.

Winners of Section B, Forfar Academy's Lesley Young - an all girls' team - met Garnock 2 skipped by George McConnell.

It was a great showing by Garnock this weekend as Stuart Marshall's Garnock 1 was also in the playoffs, up against the girls of Mary Erskine, skipped by Gina Aitken.

The other quarterfinal game saw Millburn Academy's Callum Greenwood face off against Dollar Academy's Jayne Stirling.

I'll update this post with results later. Unfortunately the usual results service on the Royal Club website is not in full operation this morning, Colin Hamilton and his partner Elaine falling victims to food poisoning, as well as the young Stranraer teams yesterday, after eating away from the rink on Friday. I should probably not say where. Get well soon, everyone.

So what happened? Arbroath came through against Inverness, and Garnock 1 beat Mary Erskine.

The other Garnock team was not so successful, losing to Forfar. The closest game was the Dollar-Millburn game which went to the last stone. Jayne Stirling's last stone for the Dollar team swung over and caught a guard (did it pick up?), her opposition scoring a big end and the win.

So, in this afternoon's semis, Arbroath High School plays Garnock Academy 1, and Forfar Academy is against Millburn Academy.