Saturday, March 26, 2011

Scottish Mixed Championship Saturday

Right, I've made it to Curl Aberdeen to enjoy the colourful and exciting spectacle that is the Scottish Mixed Curling Championship. You can find all the results here.

Did I say colourful? Well, Graeme Black (with Cathryn Guthrie, Colin Morrison and Jennifer Morrison) was against Adrian White (with Jill Macdonald, Craig Johnston and Linda Ruxton).

Last years winners are back. David Edwards, Louise Wood, Kerry Barr and new to the team Scott Macleod - that's Scott's trousers in the pic.

Now, which young curlers do you think would be having an adventure with these Loudmouth skirts?

Yes, it is indeed RCCC Development Manager Judith McFarlane. Can you guess who the other is? (Answer later).

Judith is playing in the Neil Joss team, here against the family team of Ruaraidh Whyte, Maggie Wilson-Whyte (adopted for the weekend), Ross Whyte and Naomi Whyte.

Here's Ross, the youngest on the ice. I'll seek out the oldest later!

Helen King's team was against Jay McWilliam this morning. That's Lauren Gray wearing what looks like my granny's curtains in the back, but they are definitely my favourite of all the colourful pants (Lauren made me say that). Struan Wood and Jennifer Dodds are the others in Jay's team. Helen is playing with Brian King, Hazel Smith and John Tait.

More to come later today!

Photos © Skip Cottage