Friday, March 18, 2011

Scottish Schools Friday

This is the briefest of glimpses of the Scottish Schools Championship at Forfar today. The competition continues all weekend. The results are all here.

Here are a few photos to give a flavour of the competition. Above are three of a young Stranraer Academy team. Skip Calum Lammie has played his stone, which is being looked after by Euan Kyle and Kieran Stevenson. Bobby Lammie is in the head.

Skip of the Lockerbie Academy team, Samantha Howatson. Lisa Jardine, Koren Boomer and Lynn Paul are the others in the team.

Mary Erskine at work.

Loudon Academy's Mark Guthrie.

Here are the others in the Loudon team - Lucy Morton, Eilidh Drummond and Kirsty Morton.

Gina Aitken, skip of the Mary Erskine team with Sarah Morris, Naomi Brown and Karina Aitken.

It's a Dollar Academy conference. James Hay is saying what to his skip Jayne Stirling? You decide!

Perhaps not the ice tech's favourite, but I liked this one of Calum Greenwood of Millburn Academy, playing with Ryan Peters, Stewart Lyle, Thomas Willis.

More on Sunday. Please let me know if I've got any names wrong.

Photos © Skip Cottage