Sunday, March 27, 2011

Semifinals pics from Aberdeen

Many thanks to Laura Morris, and we now have pics!

That's Neil Joss and Blair Fraser in the first semifinal of the Scottish Mixed Curling Championship at Curl Aberdeen.

Here's the others in Team Joss. Margaret Richardson and Gary Rutherford are ready to sweep Judith McFarlane's stone.

Becca Kesley's stone, Abi Brown and Lindsay Gray the sweepers.

Neil Joss will take his team into the Final.

David Edwards and Alan Smith in the other semifinal.

The others in the Smith team - Gillian Howard delivering, with Nancy Murdoch and David Mundell.

Here's the Edwards front end, Louise Wood and Scott Macleod.

Third Kerry Barr.

David Edwards goes into the final against Joss.

Photos © Skip Cottage