Saturday, March 12, 2011

WJCC: Sideways on Saturday

My trusty steed awaited me this morning as I set out for the rink from the wilds of Broxden at the outskirts of Perth. I was glad I hadn't further to drive!

Most fans made it to the Dewar's Centre for the morning games, despite the snow!

The Japanese squad have indicated that their own families are OK back home, but our thoughts are certainly with all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Russia's Galina Arsenkina looks so sweet.......

.... but she is a boxer. Here she is sparring with Ekaterina Antonova!

And while we are featuring the Russian curlers, here is Ekaterina Antonova. "I'll just warm up my fingers before I hold this cold handle!"

"Which end do you blow?"

Chairman of the Local Organising Committee Bill Duncan is saying, "We managed to get a good deal on Xmas decorations from the Oxfam shop!" (Other charity shops are available)

Rhiann is saying, "While we're waiting guys, let's get Vicki to give us a few funny faces."

"Right, let me have a think."

"Here's my Kermit one."

"This is my Mr Angry!"

Photos © Skip Cottage