Thursday, March 24, 2011

WWCC2011: Scotland v Switzerland

Sweden is through to the Page Playoffs at the Capital One World Women's Curling Championship in Esbjerg. Anette Norberg delivers, with Lotta Lennartsson and Sara Carlsson sweeping, in their game against Switzerland yesterday. Cissi Ostlund is in the head. Photo by Leslie Ingram-Brown.

Leslie Ingram-Brown reports from Denmark:

"Anna took on Switzerland's Mirjam Ott this morning. Whilst the result would not change the fate of Anna, Claire, Vicki, Rhiann and Eve it was an important game for the Swiss.

With the hammer Anna blanked the first end but then Ott made the first of four steals during the game with a single in the second and steals a further 2 shots in the third when Anna missed her draw.

Fourth and a mistake by Ott leaves Anna to draw for a pair but she did not make it and the scoreboard showed only a count of 1. With her last stone of the fifth, Anna hit and ran leaving Ott a free draw for 2 and a 5-1 lead.

In the sixth, the Scots tried a double for two which failed, leaving Switzerland with a further steal of one shot. Anna hit for two in the seventh end to reduce the deficit to three shots.

In the eighth, with her second stone, Anna tried to bury behind a Swiss counter at the front of the house but left just enough for Ott to see to tap back for her two.

With Ott's second stone lying at the back of the house in the ninth Anna tried the draw, but slipped through for a steal of one shot by Switzerland. With a 9-3 scoreline it was all over.

Sweden's Anette Norberg with her 5-4 win over Canada in Draw 14 yesterday are the only team qualified so far for the Page Playoffs."

RESULTS Draw 15: USA 6 Czech Republic 4, Canada 9 Korea 2, Switzerland 9 Scotland 3, China 8 Russia 5.

Standings after 15 Draws: 8/1 - Sweden; 7/3 - China; 6/3 - Denmark; 6/4 - Canada, Russia, Switzerland; 5/5 - USA; 4/5 - Germany; 3/6 Norway; 3/7 - Scotland; 2/8 - Czech Republic, Korea.

The official website is here, and Mike Haggerty's reports are on the Royal Club website here.

Photo of Vicki Adams is courtesy of Leslie Ingram-Brown